About Us


HSL2U, though is a profit seeking organization, we believe in "Buy to Help", 30% of the corporate net profit will be donated quarterly / half yearly to animal shelters, SPCA, sponsoring dogs and event to raise the awareness of animal charities. 

HSL2U is a Malaysia base online clothing company selling worldwide, strive to be a world leading fashion company with animal welfare as corporate mission.


Purchase Instruction

Any product indicate with "INT" is available worldwide, our vendors will be mainly based in the US. International sales will greatly help on our ability to sponsor animals due to lower cost of living in developing country. 

Any product indicate with "MYS" is only available in Malaysia, our vendors will be mainly based in Malaysia. Shipping cost of these products outside Malaysia is higher compare to International's products. 

Shipping Cost

INT to US - Free

INT to Rest of World - $20

MYS to MYS - $2

MYS to Rest of World - N/A (MYS products are not available to the rest of world at this point of time)


SPCA Malaysia

SPCA Selangor - http://www.spca.org.my/

SPCA Penang - https://spca-penang.net/